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Builder Been Protected by Shiv Sena and NCP leaders

Posted on November 16, 2015 in Politics

Vice President of BJP leader Mohit Kamboj had recently gone to file a Police Complaint against the Builder Omkar Babu Lal Verma for the negligence case at the Dindoshi Police Station. The complaint was that one child had died because he drank the water which was contaminated which was provided by the builder. The Police initially was not registering the case and it took Mohit Kamboj Eleven hours to registered the case. A story here by goes as per Mohit Kamboj that the builder was protected by few Shiv Sena and NCP leaders.

The contaminated water got 150 people hospitalized and out of which 25 were children. Then BJP leader Mohit Kamboj took a stand along with his party co-workers went to police station to lodge a police complain ,but instead of registering FIR against that builder ,Cops tried to sort out this issue on their level and initially refused to file a complaint against the builder.

BJP leader Mohit Kamboj told World News Network, “When the cops denied to lodge a complaint then we had to do protest in front of police station ,then after protesting almost Eleven hours then they registered the complaint against that builder and two BMC ward officers under the section 304 (B), 336, 337, 227. ”

BJP leader Mohit Kamboj told further that ” Everyone knows I have no personal agenda behind this but culprit are trying to save themselves like putting up the camp and giving medical facility after tragedy, I believe in punishing those who are guilty.”

However the innocent kids and poor people are still admitted and serious in the hospital. As of now FIR has been registered and investigation is still on.

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