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Satpal Maharaj the news face of Uttarrakhand Government

Posted on March 19, 2016 in National

The Congress government in Uttarakhand is heading for a major crisis with senior party leaders rebelling against Chief Minister Harish Rawat. Claiming support of rebel Congress MLAs, the BJP on Saturday said it has a majority in the Uttarakhand Assembly and should be invited to form a government as the incumbent Congress dispensation was reduced to a minority. Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat, whose Congress government plunged into a crisis on Friday night with nine party MLAs revolting against his leadership, said on Saturday that the welfare of the state was his priority and added that he would tender his resignation if he was not able to prove his majority.

As Uttarakhand dealing with the major issues BJP leader Satpal Maharaj, can become the next chief minister.  Satpal Singh Rawat who is a parliamentarian and powerful leader from Uttarakhand, joined the BJP after more than 20 years as a member of the Congress. Satpal Maharaj, has a massive following in the hill state of Uttarkhand. His wife Amrita Rawat is a Congress legislator in the state assembly.  Satpal Maharaj reportedly has the support of 10 of the party’s 34 legislators in Uttarkhand that gives him the power to put the Congress government in the state in jeopardy.

As per the sources to be revealed Satpal Maharaj can be the news face of Uttarrakhand Government.

Nilofer Ansari

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