NuAyurveda Clinic Launches in New Delhi

Posted on March 5, 2016 in National

NuAyurva Clinic (2)

Holistic cure, not half-care says NuAyurveda Clinic in South Ex and Malviya Nagar

5th March, 2016, New Delhi: NuAyurveda Clinic – a specialized chain of Ayurvedic clinics that blends science with tradition by bringing contemporary research to traditional Ayurvedic medicines and treatments has launched its 2 Clinics in New Delhi (South Ex and Malviya Nagar) after launching 5 clinics in Mumbai. The total number of NuAyurveda Clinics now in India is 7.

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Co-founded by graduates from IIT-Bombay, IIM-Ahmedabad and S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, NuAyurveda aims to bring the proven health benefits of Ayurveda through its specialized chain of clinics.

Launching their Clinics in New Delhi, Mr. Anurag Kedia, Director, NuAyurveda Clinic said, “All our treatments take a three pronged approach to cure your problems: medicines, therapies and lifestyle counselling. This ensures that your illness is eradicated from the root and not just treated at the symptom level.”

Mr. Anurag Kedia also added, “We train our teams rigorously so that you experience consistent treatment procedures and uniform levels of service every day at every clinic. Care, privacy and hygiene that many clinics lack are given utmost importance.”

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Why Choose NuAyurveda Clinic ?

Science and Tradition under one roof

NuAyurveda Clinic team combines contemporary research with traditional Ayurvedic science to bring you effective treatments and medicines that cure diseases from the root.

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Reliable advice from our qualified Ayurvedic Doctors

NuAyurveda Clinic ensures that you get sound medical advice before commencing any treatment. Experienced Ayurvedic doctors are available throughout the day at our clinics to provide correct diagnosis and supervise treatments.



Customized Treatments

We invest time in understanding your profile, constitution (Prakriti) and medical history before recommending any treatment. We take care to customize your treatment plan so that it solves your unique problem.

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What are you waiting for?

Walk in to NuAyurveda Clinic to bring holistic healing through Ayurveda as we believe in Holistic Cure, not Half-Care!

For more details please visit –

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Actor Tanuj Virwani and Akshara Haasan “Scent Of A Women” movie poster Launch

Posted on March 2, 2016 in Entertainment


An iconic movie poster is one that has been burned into the public consciousness, something that has become so recognisable that you feel that you’ve always known it. It should spring to mind as soon as you hear the film’s name, be easily described and trigger excitement and intrigue, no matter how many times you see it. Get ready to watch yet another intense romantic drama with Actor Tanuj Virwani’s  “Scent Of A Women” a Short Film, starring Akshara Haasan and Tanuj Virwani . The poster and still which got released of has reflects the very essence of the film. In the poster, Akshara looks menacing and mysterious and her eyes are apparently seeking for some revenge. A picture speaks more than a thousand words . “Scent Of A Women” is a story of Akira which is played by Akshara Haasan who realises how true that holds as she finds herself caught between an unfaithful boyfriend and an uncertain future. Actor Tanuj Virwani have written, acted and directed the short film.


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Actor Tanuj Virwani “Selfie Hero”

Posted on February 27, 2016 in Entertainment

Tanuj Virwani.

The selfie bandwagon is nothing new to Indian celebrities as selfies have quickly become a staple on celebrity Instagram and Twitter accounts over the past couple of years, and we can’t get enough! Our Bollywood Stars are now so addicted to social networking sites that they share everything and every time. Especially the trend of Selfies have taken over Bollywood so badly and rapidly, that we see all sorts of Selfies of our Bollywood Actors such as ‘Sleeping Selfie’, ‘Pet selfie’, ‘Gym selfie’ and with fans, friends, family so on.  Just like the rest of us, Bollywood Actor Tanuj Virwani love clicking selfies as well. And some of them are pretty good at it. Tanuj loves clicking pictures of himself with close friend Akshara Hassan, his mom Rati Agnihotri, Dad Anil Virwani and his pet Dog. Tanuj turns as “Selfie Hero” while clicking many pictures on travelling, sleeping, vacation or doing a shoot. The Heartthrob Tanuj  looks hot and sexy while taking his selfies.

Tanuj Virwani With Akshara Hassan, Rati Agnihotri, Anil Virwani

Actor Tanuj said, “I love the idea of taking selfies is really a very good innovation. We can store our memories with this techniques.”

Tanuj Virwani With Friends (2) Tanuj Virwani With Friends1

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“Direct Ishq” Movie Review

Posted on February 18, 2016 in Entertainment


(WNN Rating – ***)

Film: “Direct Ishq”; Language: Hindi; Cast: Arjun Bijlani, Nidhi Subbaiah and Rajneesh Duggal; Director: Rajiv S Ruia; Rating: 3/5

Directed by Rajiv S Ruia, ‘Direct Ishq’ is the story of the fearless Pandit Rajneesh Duggal who is in love with the super-daring and music enthusiast Nidhi Subbaih. Nidhi, however, is all set to tie the knot with the naive Arjun Bijlani. Loaded with catchy one-liners and impressive stunts- especially Nidhi’s cartwheel stunt over the jeep has done a good job and will entertained the audience.

The story is all about  a bhai  Vicky Shukla (Rajneesh Duggal) from Benaras and a tomboy fall for the same girl. The only difference is the girl, Dolly Pandey (Nidhi Subbaiah), is a firebrand who wants to establish herself as a leading Indian rockstar. Kabeer (Arjun Bijlani) helps her for his own interests but eventually falls for her. However, the bhai, Vicky Shukla is sure of his love and goes behind her to Mumbai to marry her. Will Dolly choose Vicky or Kabeer is what it is all about? It is a romantic story with loud characters. The entire tone of the film is a masala one and it stays true to that sentiment.


Direct Ishq is a rom-com masala film that’s full of romance, comedy and action and with beautiful songs. Rehguzar and Duwa Mein are two great tracks. The cinematographer has caught Benaras from a touristy perspective.

Rajneesh Duggal has prove that he is the boy next door in the Bollywood in the movie he is a rough and tough strong & bold boy who always keeps a revolver with him, as he is always ready to fight the enemies.

Nidhi Subbaiah named as Dolly Pandey, has done justice to his work as he plays a girl who looks like a doll- naughty but active. She is wise and very bold, who doesn’t allow any boy to come near her. Her dream is to become a very big singer & wants her father & the whole city to be proud of her.

And on the other hand Arjun Bijlani who is debuting not able to show his acting skill so far where portrays kabeer who is a smart, good looking guy born in a rich family of Banaras but educated in Mumbai and who does music shows and events in Mumbai.

Director Rajiv S Ruia has showcased all the Benaras element and never give you a chance to skip the moment.

Overall, this is a fairly enjoyable film.

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Uttrakhand Local employment is at stake

Posted on February 12, 2016 in National

Pankaj Bhatt

There’s no better way to experience the sheer energy of the Ganga as you are tossed around the rapids with the ice-cold water hitting you hard in the face, sending you into raptures of an adrenaline high.  And then to sleep under the stars on the white sandy beaches as the waters of the Ganga gush past, bringing an end to the adventure-filled day while a boom in campsites, and fly-by-night this is what rafting is all about.

Uttarakhand state in India is well known for its mountainous ecosystems, traditional communities and a variety of ecotourism destinations. Among various tourism activities, River Rafting along the banks of the Ganges River has increased tremendously for two decades. But as per the researchers rafting unprecedented impacts is happening on the traditional communities and the bio-diversity. The questionnaire contains issues on culture, social, economic, institutional and associated perceived impacts on pollution and biodiversity including views for sustainability. But the ranking analysis as per collected data reveals that economy and education of local community was improved significantly.


Recently River rafting and camping along the Ganga in Uttarakhand is leaving behind a trail of negative socio-cultural impacts. Now National Green Tribunal is acting against the river rafting as the present state of the holy river Ganges has been a subject of great concern within public discourse over the past few months. It is stated that it might be difficult to save the river and it is a very urgent need for implementing measures to prevent discharge of sewage and industrial effluents into the river. In the backdrop of the issue is the natural lure of River Ganga, which offers uncommon environmental diversity, captivating scenery and a remarkable adventure and wilderness experience. This encourages tourism on the bank of the river that involves camping, white-water rafting and kayaking.

However, a majority of the villagers are in favour of such activities because they draw direct and indirect economic benefit from  the rafting tourism. If River Rafting will not get permission for the further session it might happen the worker section of Uttarakhand will face major economic imbalance because many workers get their day to day need fulfilled  because of tourist which attract to River Ganga.

Kiran Bhatt Todaria President of Indian Association of Professional Rafting Outfitters speak about the rafting scenario in Uttarakhand ,he said ,”On behalf of the entire community of camping operators, I am taking the liberty of strongly reiterating that the beach camps should be started immediately on previous allotment system – a reassurance given by Govt, so that we do not lose any time for balance of this season. If not, the situation may spiral out of control as the ramifications of this decision could be interpreted by the employees of camp operators as callous disregard by their employers and the administration, whom they may hold as the first party responsible for the loss of their livelihoods. In short, it could become a political issue for the constituency. The management plan, environmental audits and carrying capacity can be done simultaneously and fully implemented at the start of the next season. Simultaneously we would emphasize that no effort would be spared by our Association and senior members  to work in co-operation with Govt on the issues mentioned here in the larger interest of the State and it’s unique developmental limitations.”

Tourism Minister Dinesh Dhanai said, “Rafting camps have been closed, and this is certainly affecting not only tourism even Uttrakhand economy also.It couldn’t sort out till now because of the major difference between central government and Uttarakhand government .the minister added further that Uttrakhand government is taking an initiative to open the barriers but the central government is not keen to work out on this .”


EX Director Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Pankaj Bhatt said, “We don’t have many options for employment here in Uttarakhand and rafting is one of the biggest earning sources for local people. but it has been closed and now Uttarakhand government is not taking any initiative to open these camps again. obviously, youth has lost their earning source so we will support them.And if Uttrakhand government will not be taking this forward then definitely we will come out along with our men for a big strike. Administration can react like deaf and dumb but I am always there to support youth.

Well, it is quite shocking that Where India’s most adventurous and exciting sport is going to vanish just because on the basis of environmental social culture where Government have to take the measures to protect the environment.But the Uttrakhand is neglecting their part by blaming the tourism factor, due to their negligence and not allowing the rafting process in river Ganga they are taking away the employment of the local people who depends on them for their  livelihood.

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5 Ways To Make Your Valentine’s Day Unconventional and Special

Posted on February 11, 2016 in National

5 Ways To Make Your Valentine’s DayUnconventionaland Special

5 Ways To Make Your Valentine’s DayUnconventionaland Special

Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world as festival of love. But, it need not be only for the lovers. You can take this opportunity to show your love, appreciation and affection to your family and friends too. With very little efforts you can make your valentine’s day special and memorable for those whom you love and respect. So this time ditch the expensive gifts and dinner dates and try to do something fruitful with your loved ones.

  1. Have a Friends Get Together

You might have had romantic dates with special someone on valentine day earlier. This year make it different by inviting over your friends.  Did you know good friends play an important role in keeping the stress at bay? According to research studies, people who do not have friends and stay isolated tend to show a high risk of having poor mental health as compared to those who have friends. So take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to show your friends how much you love them and appreciate their presence in your life.

Have a Friends Get Together

  1. Get a Therapeutic Massage Without Leaving Home

Celebrating Valentine’s Day just by yourself? You don’t have to be disheartened and feel sad about being alone on this day. In fact, you should always give some time for yourself and have some ‘Me’ time. If you are planning to pamper yourself, we have some great suggestion.

Get a Therapeutic Massage Without Leaving Home

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa has introduced Home Spa where a professional therapist comes home to give you therapeutic massage. And, the best part is they come with a portable bed and all the spa essentials, so you don’t have to do any preparation from your side. Like this idea? Call 9987004004 to Book Appointment for massage at home on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Buy a Healthy Gift For Your Loved Ones

Gift is a token of love and so need not be always very expensive and unique. This Valentine’s Day invest in some gift that shows your care for your loved ones health. You can buy a fruit basket, green tea hamper or a voucher for massage at a spa> and help your loved ones to be stress-free and healthy.

Buy a Healthy Gift For Your Loved Ones

  1. Make a Date With Your Own Heart

That sounds strange isn’t it? Your heart bears all the emotions you have for your loved ones, so it is important that you too care for your heart. Did you know that high cholesterol is not just a problem of older people? It can as much affect young people as it does older people. Studies report that process of cholesterol build up actually begins in childhood and progresses slowly into adulthood. So, this Valentine’s day make a pledge to care for your heart and promise yourself to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

Mimosa Studios - Paint Your Own Pottery Studio

Mimosa Studios – Paint Your Own Pottery Studio

  1. Find the Chef in You

No celebration is complete without great food. But, don’t you think you can make someone feel very special by cooking food by yourself? Make a list of all the heart healthy recipes and be the chef for the day. Make sure to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals.

Find the Chef in You

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Actor Tanuj Virwani is single, ready to mingle!

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Tanuj Virwani

With the onset of the month, February comes the ‘season of love’. There is an expression of love in the air and the atmosphere is filled with joy. It is indeed that time of the year when your heart skips a beat and you know Valentine’s Day has come knocking at the door. Valentine’s Day is about love and romance, and Bollywood is the place that teaches how to be romantic so when Stars Flying Solo This Valentine’s Day with celebrity relationships ending at a rate of days now, instead of weeks, months or years, the Bollywood dating pool grows by the day. As Valentine’s Day bares down on us like the consumerism that has taken over the day. So here’s the Good news, Your boy Tanuj Virwani is rolling solo and looking to make some new pals. Bollywood Actor Tanuj Virwani who will be seen in his upcoming movie “One Night Stand” opposite Sunny Leone revealed that he is single, searching and ready to mingle.

Tanuj Virwani1

Tanuj Virwani had an interview where he admitted he is single, he said, “I am single and searching, yes, but I am looking for someone who goes beyond the physical look. I want someone with a good character. I am not moved by just anything, I want something that will last long. I will meet ladies who are more beautiful than my woman and so it is your character that will distinguish you from the others”.

So if you are still dreaming of the candle lit dinner, a bottle of champagne and to smell of your favourite flowers you might be standing right in front of your Valentine Tanuj Virwani.”I am in no mood to settle down instead wants to focus on my career especially with one night stand which is going to release in two months. And yes, I don’t mind having a good time either but wants to have cake and eat it too” Tanuj added.

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Singer Swati Sharrma with her Emotion trance

Posted on February 3, 2016 in Entertainment

Swati Sharrma

A Bollywood movie is almost incomplete without a song. The music of a movie makes people hum along and dance to its tunes. Numerous Bollywood songs connect on an emotional level. The lyrics of some Bollywood songs bring tears. Sad songs do bring memories. Bollywood sad songs are all about pain, heartbreak, heartache do have a cult following. Lyrics and music in sad songs evoke a gush of emotion. Old sad songs from Bollywood movies are hugely popular even today. Lyrics speak a language that connects with the heart. Situational songs that evoke painful memories are beautifully enacted in scenes by actors and actresses in movies. Recently ‘Banno Tera Swagger” fame Swati Sharrma has sung a Melodic sad song with her soulful voice in “Direct Ishq” song “Toote Tare”. Swati will get you the teary-eyed when she brings varied emotions in her song. ” Toote Tare” song is picturised on Rajneesh Duggal,  Nidhi Subbaiah and  Arjun Bijlani  where they will be seen depicting their emotions.

Swati Sharrma1

Swati Sharrma said, ” When we talk about sad songs from Bollywood movies, what comes to mind is a broad spectrum of situations. Heartache, heartbreak, pain, sorrow, guilt, jilt, broken relationships are some among the various elements that encompass sad songs. A reason why emotional songs connect with listeners instantaneously is… the depth of lyrics. My song associates with memories, good memories and unpleasant memories. It relates to personal experiences in life and that hits the right notes with listeners”.

The various emotions which Swati has portrayed in the song bring about a sense of warmth that embalms the heart and mind. “While sad songs may flashback unpleasant memories, one cannot deny the fact that sad songs or songs about suffering and pain do calm senses and make you emotionally stronger”, Swati added.

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Libra Legends hungry to win the match

Posted on January 31, 2016 in National

during the Opening Ceremony for the Oxigen Masters Champions League 2016 on January 28, 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

during the Opening Ceremony for the Oxigen Masters Champions League 2016 on January 28, 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The Masters Champions League kick-start with a match between Libra Legends and Gemini Arabians. The inaugural match of the championship was between the Libra Legends one of the strongest teams with the strongest player legend Jacques Kallis and former Indian national team captain Sourav Ganguly. But while Sourav who was suffering from a back spasm during a practice game was advised by the doctor to take rest. So Jacques Kallis’ was seen playing as captain of the team. The opening game of the MCL was not good for Libra Legends as Virender Sehwag’s Gemini Arabians thrashed Libra Legends. Now Jacques Kallis’ is all set to beat the other teams in upcoming matches. Kallis will have the company of Brad Hogg, Simon Katich and Michael Lumb who will now renew old rivalries in the league for veterans. Jacques Kallis’ has seen making his new strategy to win the match, he believes in  Practice, Technique and Quality not quantity.

Taufeeq Umar

When World News Network asked about the strategy Jacques Kallis’ reveals, he said, “To begin we need to understand what Strategy and Tactics are and how we can use them. As we learn these skills and understand them we can not only use them to begin to play ‘Winning the Game’ more frequently. The bowling or batting unit within the team, then there is the overall ‘Team Strategy’. Tactics are the use of different ‘weapons’ or units within the team and we can see they operate on different levels, The ‘Players strategy’ fits into the ‘Sub Team strategy’ and the ‘Sub Team Strategy’ fits into the ‘Team Strategy’. It all goes hand in hand”.

Sean Ervine

After getting defeat in the First match, Team Libra Legends will not look back and Jacques Kallis’ is ready with his boys to win the game which is going to take place on 3rd of Feb 2016.

Nicky Boje

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Actor Tanuj Virwani the Perfect One Night Stand Guy

Posted on January 28, 2016 in Entertainment

Tanuj Virwani1

Life’s journey simply becomes more enjoyable, exciting and fulfilling when you have Mr. Right by your side.  But who is the ideal man, and how do you know that you have found him? Even the idea of perfection is different for everybody. Considering that there is a perfect guy someone in this world, how would girls like him to be. Someone who is simply amazing, takes your breath away, leaves you with a smile on your face. The boy of your dreams. Someone who’ll always be there for you, cheers you up, never makes you upsets, doesn’t lie or cheat. ALWAYS honest. Reminds you how lucky he is to have you, tells you how beautiful you are regardless what you look like. The boy you never want to lose. In today’s world, it’s so hard to find a guy that totally “gets you” but you get soon the perfect guy not for a lifetime but for “One Night Stand”. We are talking about Actor Tanuj Virwani who will be the perfect guy for a one-night stand. Yes, we are talking about his upcoming movie “One Night Stand” where he will see with hot Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. Tanuj is a man you experience and a man who leaves a mark in your heart.

Tanuj Virwani

When asked with whom Tanuj Virwani want to have a One Night Stand he replied,  “Scarlett Johansson, she is by the far the most gorgeous woman I have seen and she has this killer personality to match her looks. It really is quite an irresistible combination”.  One Night Stand was written by Bhavani Iyer and directed by Jasmine D’Souza. The film is produced by Pradeep Sharma and co-produced by Furqan Khan.

Tanuj Virwani2

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