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Anand Chavan ICCHA Foundation Salutes Their Determination in Life

Posted on July 16, 2015 in National Photos

Here are the inspiring stories of two boy, Anmol Hinge and Yogesh Khandare. Their lives have one thing in common–their determination to fight against all odd and reject societal stigma. Both Anmol Hinge and Yogesh Khandare were fighting with their life’s, but they didn’t let themselves crumble. They picked themselves up, chose to come out in the open and decided to fight, not only for themselves but also on behalf on other who are discrimination in their life. There is nothing called a disabled, everyone is able. It is rightly said that passion moves a man beyond himself, his shortcomings and failures. Both boy life transformed into a beautiful dream the day they found their passion.  Anmol Hinge a 16-year-old boy from Nagpur was preparing for his CBSE 10th grade Exams. On 2nd February’ 2015 severe bleeding rashes first started showing up.  After a series of blood tests, Anmol was detected with Blood Cancer. Doctors advised his parents to admit him immediately.  The exams started on 3rd March, 2015. Anmol would go from the hospital to the exam centre to give the exam and then get back to the hospital and continue undergoing intense Chemotherapy. The diagnosis would leave most people unnerved. Not so for Anmol.  It was his passion for studies that resulted in him scoring 95% in CBSE Std X Exam. Other boy Yogesh Khandare a 17 year old boy living in a remote area that is 25 kilo meters away from Prabhani district. On an unfortunate rainy day, when Yogesh was just 5 years old, most unfortunate thing happened to him, he was struck by electrical shock through electrical wires. After this accident Yogesh’s hands were amputated. Yogesh has scored 70% marks in his Class XII exams, using his leg to write his exams as he has been without his arms since the accident. The achievement by Yogesh Kandhare of village boy in Parbhani stands out as an inspiring tale of struggle and determination. World News Network ask the parents of the boys about the helping hand from any organization they said “No we didn’t get any kind of help from anybody. We are glad ICCHA foundation came forward to help us and support us in our difficult time.”

Ichha Foundation Anand Chavan, salute Yogesh Kandhare and Anmol Hinge for their strength of purpose which is remarkable as they did not take the help. Ichha Foundation donated an amount of Rs. 25,000/- appreciating Yogesh’s for his  immense effort and Rs. 50,000/- appreciating Anmol’s tremendous effort & his zeal to study.

Anand Chavan – Founder Trustee Ichha Foundation spoke to World News Network about ICHHA FOUNDATION, he says “Ichha Foundation is appreciative of every donation it receives, because every donation, whether small or big, will go towards assisting such people in need.  There is strength in numbers, and we plan to march forward with all of your helping hands behind us. Let us applaud their efforts. It’s really very sad to know that the ministry of their city does not came forward to help their needy public.”.


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