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Actress Swapna Pati in the Movie Based on a Quadriplegic “The Desire” Directed by AD Director Avinash Nanda

Posted on December 16, 2015 in Entertainment Photos

swapna pati

For all the creativity and melodrama that Bollywood’s championed all these years, Why does the industry always portray ‘disability’ on the screen in a half-hearted, caricaturist manner, which invariably borders on being insensitive? Sadly, B’town’s attitude towards the disabled is either stereotypical or patronising, or they have used them as objects of pity, comic interludes, […]

Anand Chavan ICCHA Foundation Salutes Their Determination in Life

Posted on July 16, 2015 in National Photos


Here are the inspiring stories of two boy, Anmol Hinge and Yogesh Khandare. Their lives have one thing in common–their determination to fight against all odd and reject societal stigma. Both Anmol Hinge and Yogesh Khandare were fighting with their life’s, but they didn’t let themselves crumble. They picked themselves up, chose to come out […]