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Spain and India for Art , Culture and Spirituality collaboration with Kristna Saikia

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There is so much  to explore, discover and research on how we both countries India and Spain can do more benefit for the welfare of people Spiritually too as India is a brand of Spirituality and Mysticism. Kristna will do her Spiritual programs and Full Moon Night Event every month  in Spain  as rest of the world.

Kristna Saikia whose work as  Indian Actress, Model, Columnist and Spiritual Healer has been worldwide is  on her tour   to Spain now and was  invited by the President of Cultural Sotogrande, a Cultural Association which is in collaboration with the Town Hall of San Roque, Spain, Mr.Adrian Vanloon and she was warmly welcomed and received to the Palace of Governors in San Roque by the Deputy Mayor &Councillor of Culture and Tourism San Roque,Spain Mrs Dolores Marchena Perez  along with the Department of Head of Tourism,San Roque, Carlos Jordon and  Cesar Aldana who is the Department Head of Culture in San Roque.  She was gifted the book “San Roque, 300 anos de patrimonio” by Mrs. Dolores Marchena.

Kristna in her words said,’It was great pleasure to discuss and explore how both countries India and Sotogrande,San Roque Spain which  is equally very rich in Art, Culture, History and with Architectural beauty can collaborate and integrate with us for mutual growth and Spiritual wellness .’

People from Spain are very warm and loves Bollywood as well as Indian culture.They love our Art and rich Indian heritage as well as looks forward to have more collaboration with Bollywood events in Sotogrande, Spain too with their Film festivals. Head of Department of Culture of San Roque, Cesar Aldana looks forward to incorporate more Indian short  Films to be part of their 39th Edition of San Roque Short Film Festivals which is held every Year in Spain with English and Spanish Subtitles.Spanish Art and Cinema fraternity are equally very rich as they have been part of both Hollywood and Bollywood fraternity.

Head of Department of  Tourism of San Roque, Carlos Jordon who is a interesting gentle man with great charisma is a man of great knowledge and gave a tour to many places of Sotogrande, San Roque ,Spain and shed light on its ancient history how  every painting , sculpture and places  holds its historical importance .He welcomes Indian Production Houses from Films and TV faternity to expore the exotic locations and would give all the support to shoot here Sotogrande,San roque in Spain .

Adrian Vanloon, President of Cultural Sotogrande is a wonderful, compassionate and hospitable gentleman he takes great interest in Indian Spirituality, Art and Culture as well as  Indian Cuisines. He said “I would give all support to any cultural events and curriculum of India in Sotogrande, Spain.”

The Journey has been beautiful till now here with delicious Spanish cuisines , hospitality , rich culture and warmth of the Spanish hospitality for Kristna . She loved her visit to Europe’s best  Valderrama Golf Club to spend sometime with the General Manager Javier Reviriego who is a man of great passion for Golf and welcomes our Bollywood Stars and Indian Golf Players to visit and be a member here to play Golf.

Kristna Saikia

Satish Reddy of World News Network said, ” Sotogrande,San Roque in Spain as the World knows is a luxurious place which is rich in  Art ,heritage and culture along with its beauty to attract tourist from all over the World along with the best exotic Golf and Polo clubs of Europe is here has all the potential to be one of the most developing economy in industrial sector too .We look forward as Indian to great integration and collaboration in many aspects with marvellous  Spain for mutual growth and progress.”

Nilofer Ansari

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