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Bollywood Celeb Celebrate Lohri at The PUMP Room Beer Factory

Posted on January 14, 2016 in Entertainment

The men and women of Thrillist are obsessed with beer all over our great nation. Great beer and great food – a match made in…well the kitchen at the Brewpub. The PUMP room invites you to experience the natural taste of hand-crafted beer, and the vibe that makes you feel Wow. No matter where you go, you are never far from a PUMP outlet. A lounge to a disc, fine dine to a brew pub. These are bars for serious beer people: places where home brewers flock for inspiration and where the beer world’s best artisans roll out their experimental and hard-to-find suds. You’re not going to find best breweries in Mumbai or necessarily bars with the most beers. A little differently, and — truly — imbibing at The PUMP room is a drinking experience you won’t quite find anywhere else. Lohri night was an evening of folk and popular music by King Paul Bhangra Troupe along with a traditional bhangra and sumptuous Punjabi delicacies in Pump room. Beautiful Liza Malik was seen greeting everybody. Director Lovel Arora was seen enjoying the party with ‘dhol’ beats which adds to the grandeur at the night. Actor Vijay Raj said, “It was a  zesty and feisty party and I enjoy the evening with the punjabi beats.” Gutthi aka Sunil Grover was seen enjoying with the guest present at the party. Sunil said, “It was a great night I enjoyed very much. Performance by King Paul has made my Lohri special”.

It was dhamaal, masti and fun time as actors Kamaal Khan, Gurpreet Kaur Chadha, Sanjaj Patil, Sanjay Lohia, Ravi Gossain, Lopa Bhatt, Satish Reddy and many more were seen at the  party.

Lopa Bhatt With Her Friend Liza Malik Gurpreet Kaur Chadha Director Lovel Arora, King Paul with Liza Malik

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