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Jammu &Kashmir tourism scenarios will change very soon: Secretary of Jammu &Kashmir Government tourism

Posted on June 12, 2015 in Jammu National

Jammu & Kashmir is known as the paradise on earth. However always people have tried the best  to describe the beauty of Jammu &Kashmir .But The beauty can’t be expressed very deeply in words .This northern-most state of India has been endowed with nature’s best and that is why it has been an object of interest for many travel enthusiasts.

However very quickly a small incidents change the scenario here. But still this kind of incident s can’t change the mind scenario of a tourist, who is crazy to go around the natural beauty. Recently World News Network interviewed IAS  Shailender Kumar (Secretary of Jammu &Kashmir  Government tourism &culture department) .In this  exclusive interview with World News Network ,IAS Shailendra  Kumar talked   about a slew of initiatives planned by tourism department  to realise the Jammu&Kasmir’s untapped tourism potential, including tourist safety , tourism promotion strategy ,percept management  .So let’s have a look  of this conversation .


Tell us the beautiful destinations of Jammu &Kashmir

Jammu &Kashmir has a unique natural beauty. Here tourist will find a beautiful destinations like Kashmir valley, Srinagar, Sonmarg, Kupwara, Pahalgam   and all these destination are worldwide famous destinations .The secretary of tourism added further but there are many other places also which are equally very beautiful  like Lolab Valley ,Yusmarg, Doodhpathri and many more . And you will find very pretty destinations in Jammu division also Like Rajauri ,Gulmarg and many more .However Jammu  Division is very attractive but its under exploration till now. So we are trying to promote those beautiful destinations also which are under Jammu division .And I hope that it will become a huge destination platform very soon.

What kind of initiative or strategy are planned to attract tourism?

IAS Shailendra Kumar  told us that we are focusing mainly on perception management and  as well as other sides also .Because sometimes due to special circumstances the whole scenario changes but we always try to manage the sithvation  .Tourism department is working on affordability status also for our tourist’s benefit . Because During summers the destination doesn’t remain too affordable because airfare and hotel’s price goes up. So the department is working on that process, planning to offer an attractive pekej for tourist’s .We will organize some off seasonal activities also to attract tourism. Even Jammu &Kashmir are known for handicraft stuff, we have planned to explore our handicraft stuff on various platforms. Definitely it can become like a shopping paradise also.

It’s such a beautiful state, but still tourist is scarred to come here .Please comment.

Every states has some problem .But here a small incident takes a big shape, actually it is very painful and hurting us. But it can’t manage over night it is a continuous process, but no need to be scared we are here to take care of you.

How is the security system for tourists?

None of the tourist or tourist destination has been targeted ever .And our army ,police force and administration are very active to take care of our guest ,and when this kind of situation had arrived .We had given a best security and safety to our guest .

Recently Salman Khan has shot his film in Kashmir; during shooting he promoted Kashmir through some pictures on social media .Please comment.

Salman Khan is a wonderful person .I had a very good experience with him during Bajrangi Bhai Jaan shooting; No doubt he is a big name of entertainment industry. And the actor has a huge fan following. If a superstar is promoting and supporting to our state then definitely it is a very good sign for tourism.

Earlier Bollywood was scarred to shoot in Kashmir, but again the industry started to move for shooting here. So do you feel it’s a good sign to attract tourism?

We always give a warm welcome to bollywood industry to come here. Recently when Salman khan was shooting for Bajrangi Bhaijan and we have taken care of his crew and cast during the shooting schedule. And earlier we have given full security support to Vishal Bhardwaj cast &crew during Haider shooting .Their safety is our responsibility. We welcome more and more to bollywood industry.

Do you feel that still these silent war attacks effects somewhere on tourism?

The secretary says “incident’s scenario is not in our hand but if it happens then our perception management is very strong but look at other side also of this state ,here cheating and crime is very less, localities are very soft and polite and helpful with the tourists “, so we should appreciate other side also. However tourist comes here for fun and quality time but when this kind of incident happens certainly it effects on their heart but trust on our hospitability, we will take care of you. We are very dedicated honest when it comes to hospitality for our guests.

What has the events planned to organize this year for tourism purpose?

Very recently we organized Kashmir travel mart .It was a huge occasion. We organize many events for a betterment tourism more than fifteen events in a year like road shows, tourist activities, festivals etc.

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