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Tourism Minister Anil Kumar is keen to see Kerala in Worlds best destination Booklet

Posted on June 10, 2015 in Kerala National

Kerala’s Tourism minister Mr. Anil Kumar who started his political carrier with Kerala Student Union. Anil kumar was always very passionate to change the political scenario, during his political carrier He became minister many times, Kerala’s youth follow this political personality crazily, Recently World News Network had interviewed Anil Kumar, During this interview the tourism minister told us about his tourism promotion strategy   .

Tell us your plans and strategy to promote or attract tourism 

We are organizing many event whole years and this initiative is to attract tourism in many ways ,We are conducting  road shows ,festivals ,conferences and promoting  destinations in all over the world specially in UK  ,So my main concentration is to present  Kerala like a beautiful destination .The minister said that we are doing our level best to attract tourism .

What kind of initiative has taken by you this year?

We have tied up with some domestic airlines for tourists benefit purpose, because we are offering to our tourist’s very good attractive holiday pekej.

What is the unique in Kerala?

Kerala is very famous for Ayurveda treatment, and it’s a most happening state which is known to Ayurvedic .So we are promoting Ayurvedic treatment also because it connects to tourist to come here.

Apart from Ayurveda what makes Kerala special?

Anil says ,Kerala is full of  natural  beauty ,Here you will  see  beautiful and peaceful beaches  to spend time I must say it is happening place like heaven in India .

How is the security system for tourists?

It is very safe place .our security system is very strong, here tourist roam all over night. it is a family destination place .if you will check the record of last few years , then you will not find anything negative .because our administration system is very active .

Do you allow to film industry to shoot in Kerala

The minister says Of course  yes we welcome film industry to shoot here however Malayalam industry is promoting Kerala’s beauty but we always welcome bollywood industry and as well as other industries too come and shoot here .

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