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Actor Tanuj Virwani the Perfect One Night Stand Guy

Posted on January 28, 2016 in Entertainment

Life’s journey simply becomes more enjoyable, exciting and fulfilling when you have Mr. Right by your side.  But who is the ideal man, and how do you know that you have found him? Even the idea of perfection is different for everybody. Considering that there is a perfect guy someone in this world, how would girls like him to be. Someone who is simply amazing, takes your breath away, leaves you with a smile on your face. The boy of your dreams. Someone who’ll always be there for you, cheers you up, never makes you upsets, doesn’t lie or cheat. ALWAYS honest. Reminds you how lucky he is to have you, tells you how beautiful you are regardless what you look like. The boy you never want to lose. In today’s world, it’s so hard to find a guy that totally “gets you” but you get soon the perfect guy not for a lifetime but for “One Night Stand”. We are talking about Actor Tanuj Virwani who will be the perfect guy for a one-night stand. Yes, we are talking about his upcoming movie “One Night Stand” where he will see with hot Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. Tanuj is a man you experience and a man who leaves a mark in your heart.

Tanuj Virwani

When asked with whom Tanuj Virwani want to have a One Night Stand he replied,  “Scarlett Johansson, she is by the far the most gorgeous woman I have seen and she has this killer personality to match her looks. It really is quite an irresistible combination”.  One Night Stand was written by Bhavani Iyer and directed by Jasmine D’Souza. The film is produced by Pradeep Sharma and co-produced by Furqan Khan.

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