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NuAyurveda Clinic Launches in New Delhi

Posted on March 5, 2016 in National

Holistic cure, not half-care says NuAyurveda Clinic in South Ex and Malviya Nagar

5th March, 2016, New Delhi: NuAyurveda Clinic – a specialized chain of Ayurvedic clinics that blends science with tradition by bringing contemporary research to traditional Ayurvedic medicines and treatments has launched its 2 Clinics in New Delhi (South Ex and Malviya Nagar) after launching 5 clinics in Mumbai. The total number of NuAyurveda Clinics now in India is 7.

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Co-founded by graduates from IIT-Bombay, IIM-Ahmedabad and S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, NuAyurveda aims to bring the proven health benefits of Ayurveda through its specialized chain of clinics.

Launching their Clinics in New Delhi, Mr. Anurag Kedia, Director, NuAyurveda Clinic said, “All our treatments take a three pronged approach to cure your problems: medicines, therapies and lifestyle counselling. This ensures that your illness is eradicated from the root and not just treated at the symptom level.”

Mr. Anurag Kedia also added, “We train our teams rigorously so that you experience consistent treatment procedures and uniform levels of service every day at every clinic. Care, privacy and hygiene that many clinics lack are given utmost importance.”

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Why Choose NuAyurveda Clinic ?

Science and Tradition under one roof

NuAyurveda Clinic team combines contemporary research with traditional Ayurvedic science to bring you effective treatments and medicines that cure diseases from the root.

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Reliable advice from our qualified Ayurvedic Doctors

NuAyurveda Clinic ensures that you get sound medical advice before commencing any treatment. Experienced Ayurvedic doctors are available throughout the day at our clinics to provide correct diagnosis and supervise treatments.



Customized Treatments

We invest time in understanding your profile, constitution (Prakriti) and medical history before recommending any treatment. We take care to customize your treatment plan so that it solves your unique problem.

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What are you waiting for?

Walk in to NuAyurveda Clinic to bring holistic healing through Ayurveda as we believe in Holistic Cure, not Half-Care!

For more details please visit – http://www.nuayurveda.com/

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