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Actor Tanuj Virwani is single, ready to mingle!

Posted on February 11, 2016 in Entertainment

With the onset of the month, February comes the ‘season of love’. There is an expression of love in the air and the atmosphere is filled with joy. It is indeed that time of the year when your heart skips a beat and you know Valentine’s Day has come knocking at the door. Valentine’s Day is about love and romance, and Bollywood is the place that teaches how to be romantic so when Stars Flying Solo This Valentine’s Day with celebrity relationships ending at a rate of days now, instead of weeks, months or years, the Bollywood dating pool grows by the day. As Valentine’s Day bares down on us like the consumerism that has taken over the day. So here’s the Good news, Your boy Tanuj Virwani is rolling solo and looking to make some new pals. Bollywood Actor Tanuj Virwani who will be seen in his upcoming movie “One Night Stand” opposite Sunny Leone revealed that he is single, searching and ready to mingle.

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Tanuj Virwani had an interview where he admitted he is single, he said, “I am single and searching, yes, but I am looking for someone who goes beyond the physical look. I want someone with a good character. I am not moved by just anything, I want something that will last long. I will meet ladies who are more beautiful than my woman and so it is your character that will distinguish you from the others”.

So if you are still dreaming of the candle lit dinner, a bottle of champagne and to smell of your favourite flowers you might be standing right in front of your Valentine Tanuj Virwani.”I am in no mood to settle down instead wants to focus on my career especially with one night stand which is going to release in two months. And yes, I don’t mind having a good time either but wants to have cake and eat it too” Tanuj added.

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